8 February 2016

Treating your Windows

Dressing a window can be a confusing thing.  Do you want curtains or blinds? What heading style do you want? What fabric? Do you need lining? What about rods or tracks?  Should the fabric skim the floor or puddle? Should the blinds be recess or face fixed? How do you make up your mind?

A lot of people hire Interior Designers just for this purpose, helping out with window treatments only.  It's a great idea to have someone professional to look at your windows and work out what style would suit them best. Not to mention they have a wealth of knowledge on different heading styles, track or rod options, and they have so many fabric options to choose from.  And... they have someone to install them all for you.  Brilliant!

Here are a few different curtain and blind styles to help you out:

Eyelet Curtains 

Timber Shutters

Curtains with Roman Blinds

Inverted Pleat or Box Pleat Curtains

Soft Roman Blinds

Roller Blinds

S-Fold or Ripple Fold Curtains

What do you prefer?

Me? I'm definitely a curtain person.  I love the drape of the fabric, the texture, and the warmth it offers on a cold winters night, and of course the hiding places it offers during hide and seek. 

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