16 April 2012

Retro Inspiration - Home interiors with a retro feel

As you can see from a previous post, my husband and I love Madmen.  Its not just the storyline... in fact, its not really the story line at all, it's the attention to detail in the set design, and the fabulous retro furniture that captures our attention.

It's got me perusing the Internet looking for some great modern interiors with Danish design furniture, wood panelling, and colours of the 60s.

Here's what I found, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do:

This room is so fresh and light. Love the colour scheme and how the wood adds that essential touch of warmth to the room.

The fireplace makes this room look ultra comfy.  The lounge chair and the wood panelling add that "retro" feel while still looking modern.

The Hans Wegner Wishbone chairs are perfect at the modern waterfall table. Is that an Ikea daisy pendant lamp that I spy?

The black and white with a touch of wood. Perfect.

The Swan chair is an iconic piece of Danish design.  It sits perfectly with a modern surrounding.

Loving this monochromatic colour scheme.  Both the Wishbone and the Wing chairs look fabulous in these blue hues. 

13 April 2012

Brighten your life - bringing colour into your children's room

Kids are on school holidays at the moment, so this has me thinking more and more about how to make their bedrooms fun, to spend some extra time in.   Adding colour to a kid's room really brings a bit of life to their room and can be done in many ways: Painted walls, coloured furniture, artwork on the walls, curtains, bedding, and not to mention their toys. 
Here are some great examples of how to add a bit of colour and fun to your children's rooms.

Bright walls and even brighter bedding

Painted Furniture brings life to a grey room.

Bedding and artwork is what gives this shared room some fun and divides the space perfectly

Coloured drapery at the windows and around the bed

Fun wallpaper and bright shelves

Painted walls, ceilings and coloured mobiles

Get the kids creating their own artworks, have them framed and showcase them on their bedroom wall.

I hope you all have had a safe and happy school holiday break.


12 April 2012

Rug Up - A selection of floor rugs to add to your home

As we're heading into winter here in Melbourne, its nice to keep our toes warm.  Other than 2 pairs of socks and a pair of fluffy slippers, how about adding a layer of warmth to your floor by throwing down a rug or two?
Here are a few of my favourite ones I've found in Melbourne at the moment:

Bernabeifreeman rug - Mosaic.  I love the colours in this rug, so fresh and vibrant.

 Bella Vista Rug - Omusa.  A different take on a chevron pattern.

Bella Vista Rug - Grandmas Closet.  Such a pretty rug with a lace pattern. 

KAS - Suzani Aubergine rug.  The colours in this rug are spectacular.  Would make an amazing statement in a room don't you think?

Freedom - Bazaar Floor Rug.  Such great value for money, and a stunning Aztec design. 

Freedom - Coco Floor Rug.  Another great value for money rug, and loving the black white and grey tones.  Very calming.

Ikea - Malin Figur.  Ikea do some great rugs if you are on a tight budget.  This is such a simple, clean, modern design. 

Ikea - Kattrup. The colours are warm, the design is intricate, and the price is fabulous.  Another great budget friendly rug from Ikea.

Vixen Voyage - Paisley.  This is hands-down my favourite rug right now.  It's colours are amazing and the paisley design just makes me swoon!

29 March 2012

Donald Draper's Apartment in Madmen

Donald Draper's Apartment in Madmen

Just saw the Season 5 Premier of Madmen.  I have always loved sunken lounge's.  When I watched this scene I instantly had visions of my future man cave!  How cool is this place.  Of course, Salli suggested we replace the curtains and add a few mod con's but this place is officially on my inspiration board for the future.

Funny how things stay in fashion too.  We only saw these stools for sale last week.  Eric Buch Bar Stools we believe.  Maybe Johannes Andersen.  Not sure.

Might even take this picture to our custom upholsterer and see if he can make up this sofa for us.  :)

Anyone else like this? 


16 March 2012

My Tiipii

Hi everyone and welcome to my Tiipii!

Source: http://www.lelalondon.com/2011/05/best-of-tumblr-the-book/
Tiipii is the Finnish word for Teepee, a home for the nomadic.  The one constant in a life of endless movement.  Our life perhaps can be viewed the same way.  We work, travel, study, shop.  When we come home from our day full of chaos, it’s nice to be able to relax in a place that really feels like home, a place that has personality and that reflects who we really are.

As an interior designer, I come across so many inspirational interiors and products that I just have to share with with the world.  So here, in my tiipii blog, I would like to share them with you.  Along with some interior design tips and tricks, I’ll be posting images of products and designs I really love, and images which will hopefully inspire you and help develop your own interior style.

Your home is your Tiipii… enjoy it.

X Salli

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