13 April 2012

Brighten your life - bringing colour into your children's room

Kids are on school holidays at the moment, so this has me thinking more and more about how to make their bedrooms fun, to spend some extra time in.   Adding colour to a kid's room really brings a bit of life to their room and can be done in many ways: Painted walls, coloured furniture, artwork on the walls, curtains, bedding, and not to mention their toys. 
Here are some great examples of how to add a bit of colour and fun to your children's rooms.

Bright walls and even brighter bedding

Painted Furniture brings life to a grey room.

Bedding and artwork is what gives this shared room some fun and divides the space perfectly

Coloured drapery at the windows and around the bed

Fun wallpaper and bright shelves

Painted walls, ceilings and coloured mobiles

Get the kids creating their own artworks, have them framed and showcase them on their bedroom wall.

I hope you all have had a safe and happy school holiday break.


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